Vitalik Buterin had a speech at CDAD 2018 on 16th September in Hanoi.

Many high ranking officials in Vietnam and many founders of leading blockchain companies in the world, including Vietnamese founders such as Dr. Luu The Loi, Dr. Vuong Quang Long, Dr. Vu Duy Thuc and Dr. Nguyen Quang Vu … as well as the blockchain associations of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Switzerland, USA, etc participate in the event. Especially, Ethereum Vitalik Buterin as guest, this is also his first time to Vietnam.

Vitalik Buterin speak at CDAD 2018

Vitalik Buterin is one of the most popular characters in the current Cryptocurrency market, after Satoshi Nakamoto, who created Blockchain 2.0 with a special smart contract feature. Ethereum is currently in second place with a market cap of nearly $ 40 billion. The 4.0 Technology Revolution Magazine also ranked him as one of the 10 most influential figures in the pre-encoding market. According to Forbes magazine estimates, Vitalik Buterin’s assets are about $ 400–500 million.

This is the official session of the Justice Department with managers, founders, Blockchain experts, as well as lawmakers from developed countries on blockchain technology, on the future of cryptocurrency in Vietnam, aiming to bring Vietnam up to the 4.0 Technology Revolution.

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