TIPO Chairman is honored to be one of the 100 participants invited by the government!

On 19th August, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc met with the talented Vietnamese delegation in the field of science and technology in the Vietnam Innovation Network Program. TIPO chairman is honored to be one of the 100 participants invited by the government!

Speaking at the meeting held at the Government House, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc emphasized: “The Prime Minister is committed to creating conditions for you to participate directly in domestic science projects and technology programs.

This is a program of scientific and technological cooperation with meaningful convergence and connection for the first time organized with the participation of 100 young Vietnamese outstanding in the field of science and technology.

At the meeting, we had the opportunity to meet with Ministers, Prime Ministers, Deputy Prime Ministers, etc to exchange and share about the TIPO project.

Tipo meets with Vietnam’s Minister of Technology

Meets with advisor David Vu, Phan Phi Long, Phillip Phung, and Long Vuong — CEO Tomo chain

TIPO chairman talked with Deputy Prime Minister — Vuong Dinh Hue about TIPO e-commerce Platform and 100% online payment!

TIPO chairman and Deputy Prime Minister — Vuong Dinh Hue

In the 1st Program of Meeting Vietnamese intellectuals, many delegates said they want to return to Vietnam to support ministries and agencies through specific projects.

With its existing potential, Vietnam can develop strongly in the time ahead, they said, suggesting their homeland promote research studies and applications, and create conditions for startups.

To access the Fourth Industrial Revolution more rapidly and specifically, Vietnam needs to have a clear legal framework for artificial intelligence (AI), data mining and blockchain, they said.

This program is the first step for the cooperation between the intellectuals and the government of Vietnam in the industrial revolution 4.0.

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