TIPO — A great influence project in the Chinese cryptographic community.

“TIPO is a turning point in e-commerce!” — This is how the Chinese crypto community tell about us.

TIPO is a B2P2P e-commerce ecosystem dedicated to providing the best problem solution for everyone involved. Supported by blockchain technology, it is the first and only platform to provide a closed supply chain cycle that includes the four most important roles in the market: merchants, affiliate sales, shippers and sellers. The goal of TIPO is to solve problems encountered by these people, such as:

– Merchants — additional fees (sales rental, marketing and transaction fees);

– Alliance sales — initial funding and warehouse restrictions;

– Shipper — encountered a fake order;

– Buyers — product source and price comparison.

We have had a great impact on the Chinese crypto community and this project will certainly have the same impact on other national crypto communities in the future.

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